Based between London and Malaga, and working across the world, I am a photographer, specialised on Instagram imagery.

Why Instagram? 

A few reasons… 

a) Instagram is my favourite social network. 

b) After more than 10 years working in the Travel & Hospitality industry, I am honestly bored of seeing a lot of old fashioned images that show nothing about the actual soul of a place. Not to say, when I’m trying to tag a certain place on one of my Instagram posts and it doesn’t even appear, or it does, but with really few and poor quality images. 

The way in which we communicate today is different. We don’t call our friends, we WhatsApp them… When we meet our friends after a holiday, we will certainly tell them everything about it, with the difference that now, they will picture in their head exactly what we’re talking about as they’ve probably been seeing the whole trip on images throughout our Instagram account.

An image is worth a thousand words, that is a reality. On instagram a quality image gets to have 3, 4, 5… times more engagement (Likes & Comments) than a not-quality one. At the same time, instagram is easy to use, and even those that are not professional photographers can pull out some pretty cool Instagram feeds.

Any successful business today -call it a hotel, a hotel group, a travel agency, a restaurant, a bar, a yoga studio, a golf resort…- or any athlete or celebrity if you like, have a great Instagram account behind their back.

Instagram is a great platform to engage with your current clients as well as to reach out new ones. It’s the perfect place to promote your business, is free, reliable and it is cool.

For more info, just drop me a line, charo@sunsetsandbubbles.com


This site, AllYouNeedIsLovePhotography is my photography portfolio. More of my photo work can be found on Flickr and on my Blog Sunsets & Bubbles

Welcome to allyouneedislovephotography.com

Enjoy the visit!


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